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Episode 232: “Harry Potter” Book 1, Introduction and Ch. 1-2

On today’s episode on The Literary Life podcast, we begin our much-anticipated series on Harry Potter: Book 1 by J. K. Rowling, with hosts Angelina Stanford and Thomas Banks. After sharing a little on their own backgrounds as teachers and their commonplace quotations for the week, Angelina and Thomas open the book discussion with some introductory information on this book and series. They address the controversy surrounding these books in Christian circles. For our previous episode on magic, listen to our Best of Series Episode 168: Wizards, Witches and Magic, Oh My!

Angelina sets up this series with some background on children’s publishing in the 1990s, the why there are differences in the British and American editions, the basis for this book in the classic literary tradition, the form and structure of stories. They also share some thoughts on these first couple of chapters. Join us again next week for chapters 3-7!

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Commonplace Quotes:

To what extent people draw their ideas from fiction is disputable. Personally, I believe that most people are influenced far more than they would care to admit by novels, serial stories, films, and so forth, and that from this point of view, the worst books are often the most important.

George Orwell, in “Boys’ Weeklies

Do you think I am trying to weave a spell? Perhaps I am, but remember your fairy tales. Spells are used for breaking enchantments as well as inducing them, and you and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness that has been laid upon us for nearly a hundred years.

C. S. Lewis, from “The Weight of Glory

A Selection from “A School Song”

By Rudyard Kipling

'Let us now praise famous men' - 
Men of little showing -
For their work continueth,
And their work continueth,
Broad and deep continueth,
Greater than their knowing!

And we all praise famous men -
Ancients of the College;
For they taught us common sense -
Tried to teach us common sense
Truth and God's Own Common Sense,
Which is more than knowledge!

Book List:

Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Holes by Louis Sachar

The Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham

Tom Brown’s School Days by Thomas Hughes

Stalky and Co. by Rudyard Kipling

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

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