Summer of the Short Story Links

Provided below are links to read or listen to each short story that will be covered on episodes of The Literary Life podcast during the summer of 2019. All short stories are in the public domain. Thanks to listener Jacquelyn Beaumont for compiling this list! If you would like to hear all these short stories read by our own Thomas Banks, you can join The Literary Life Patreon group at the Fellows level.

Ep 11 “Araby” by James Joyce (audio)

Ep 12 “A Defence of Penny Dreadfuls” by G. K. Chesterton (audio)

Ep 13 “The Garden Party” by Katherine Jenny Mansfield (audio)

Ep 14 “Adventures of a Shilling” by Joseph David Addison

Ep 15 “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant (audio)

Ep 16 “Why I Write” by George Orwell (audio)

Ep 17 “The Celestial Omnibus” by E. M. Forster (audio, track 1)

Ep 18 “Vulture on War” by Samuel Johnson