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Angelina Stanford

Angelina Stanford

Cindy Rollins


Welcome to The Literary Life Podcast!  We started this podcast because we both love books. Angelina has a Master's Degree in English Literature and has been teaching literature for over 20 years. She and her husband Thomas still teach over at Cindy quite simply reads a lot. She homeschooled  her children using living books and Charlotte Mason’s ideas for over 30 years. Think of her as the color commentator. You can find her classes at We are both thrilled to do on this podcast what we love best: read books and talk about them. We are so happy you have joined us because we really believe that stories will save the world.

Thomas Banks

Thomas Banks has taught great books with an emphasis on Greek and Roman literature, Latin grammar and ancient history for more than ten years. He holds a dual bachelor's degree in English Literature and Classical Studies from the University of Idaho. In the summer of 2019, he moved to North Carolina to marry the illustrious Ms. Angelina Stanford, who said yes for some reason.

Poetry is a particular love of his, and he has published original verse and translations in First Things, the St. Austin Review and various other periodicals. His personal list of favorite writers never really stops growing, but will always include Homer, Euripides, Virgil, Ovid, St. Augustine, Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, Byron, Keats, Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy. Of these and so many others one cannot have enough.