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Episode 9: Are Women Human?

Today on The Literary Life, Angelina Stanford and Cindy Rollins discuss Dorothy L. Sayers’ essay Are Women Human? They explore the ideas that Sayers wrestles with in the essay, including: the Victorian view of women, the significance of the industrial revolution, the human need for meaningful occupation, and the early feminist movement and women’s suffrage.

Angelina and Cindy also discuss the history of women’s work inside and outside of the home and how they have been impacted by industry and our production-consumption culture. They take a fascinating look at the effects of the Enlightenment on women in the modern western world, as well as the problem of over-generalization and categorizing people according to classes. Finally, Cindy and Angelina highlight the importance of asking yourself the question: “Who am I supposed to be as a mother and a woman?”

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by Siegfried Sassoon

They threw me from the gates: my matted hair 
Was dank with dungeon wetness; my spent frame 
O’erlaid with marish agues: everywhere 
Tortured by leaping pangs of frost and flame, 
So hideous was I that even Lazarus there
In noisome rags arrayed and leprous shame, 
Beside me set had seemed full sweet and fair, 
And looked on me with loathing. 

But one came 
Who laid a cloak on me and brought me in 
Tenderly to an hostel quiet and clean;
Used me with healing hands for all my needs. 
The mortal stain of my reputed sin, 
My state despised, and my defilèd weeds, 
He hath put by as though they had not been.

Book List:

New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

Seeking God by Esther De Waal

Raids on the Unspeakable by Thomas Merton

Busman’s Honeymoon by Dorothy Sayers

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